Wht hppnd 2 r gud old ‘English Language’?



XYZ: Hey, Gm

        I’l B L8 afta skool 2moro

ABC: hey bro, np

         C U l8tr den X D


Don’t u think SMS language has totally adulterated English.

I’m not trying to police the entire English language. I certainly make use of abbreviations myself but I feel there has to be a certain standard for their usage.

We could start with: 1. The reader shouldn’t have to go through the text multiple times to understand the meaning that the SMS wants to convey

Besides don’t such abbreviations brutally murder the emotions behind them?

For example: I < 3 u/ ILY, instead of ‘I love you’

                      Doesn’t it totally kill the emotion of love behind it?

Or for that matter ‘gm’ instead of ‘good morning’

                      Doesn’t it sound more like a formality than a way of greeting someone in the morning?

Besides these two are various other abbreviations used which are sometimes not even completely comprehensive.

Now I understand why they say, ’good grammar is sexy!’

Cause its rare!