Define: Reading as a hobby

So, I have a question.

I was talking to a friend.  Let’s address her as ‘apple’ here. (I don’t like apples, just saying)

We were talking about our hobbies and soon reading stepped into picture. Apple had read a ton of novels and so was surprised when I mentioned reading as my hobby when I had only read a few.

So coming back to my question.

Is reading called a hobby only if you read several 500 page novels?

I would disagree here.

I say, one must read.

And when I say read, I don’t mean read a novel in 2 days straight. I myself am not that big into reading.

Read quotes

Read blogs

Read things said by Dalai Lama

Read about your dream job or destination on the internet

Read about your role model

Just READ!

Cause we all go through several emotions and situations daily. And you never know what quote may come to your rescue saying ‘’hello there, I’ve been looking all over for you!’’.  It may not always make you jump out of bed and start working, but it will lend you the hope and positivity you needed.

May you always find your perfect quote!

Happy reading.