The road not taken

So I was just reading HT Brunch on a weekend and came across this article by Seema Goswami.

No matter what choices you make in life and no matter how right they seemed that time, there will come a day when you start to wonder about the road not taken and whether you took a wrong turn along the way.

Don’t freak out. This is a part of growing up and growing old. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

This feeling will usually go away in a while. It usually does. For the time being all you can do is spend some time alone, think (not over think), have faith on yourself and the decisions you made that time.

The decision may not necessarily be right but its something you decided for yourself and you need to respect and accept yourself for that. Most of the times you cannot undo or escape what you’ve already done. But you can do one thing; deal with it in the best possible manner by making the most of it. Remember its just the road, not your destination. Things will be better tomorrow.

Just relax, breath, work and have faith that everything will unveil in your best interest.

Hope you find the road to your destination,

Happy reading.