Growing up! Totally overrated!

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I just wanna be little again

When there was nobody prettier than mom

When your world included mom, dad and a couple of friends

When scoring an ‘A’ grade in the exam was an accomplishment

When completing the homework was the biggest worry

When writing with an ink pen was a sign for secondary school

When popeye inspired us to eat spinach

When your could relate to one of the characters in power puff girls

When hanging out meant a ride to the park for the swings

When dewdrops seemed to have been left behind by fairies

When the biggest disappointment was missing your favorite cartoon on tv

When money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in ‘monopoly’

When bruises were kissed and made better

When making the biggest decision was if to have a cookie or waffles for breakfast

When growing up seemed so fascinating


Now I understand why peter pan never wanted to grow up