Some friendships will run their course.

Some friendships will run their course.

If I were the person I was a couple of years ago. Even after being correct I would apologize to a friend for saving our friendship.

But I’m not that person anymore. I have learnt that its ok to let go sometimes.

Not that now I won’t try to save my friendship (I would try like hell).

Cause I’ve learnt that some friendships will run their course. This is not anybody’s fault .it is just the way things are. Sometimes people grow apart for one reason or another and when that happens there is no point breaking your head over what went wrong. Or apologizing for something you’ve not done. Or trying to recapture the long lost intimacy.

Remember it takes two to build a relationship.

If it happens the only option is to accept the inevitable and move on positively without any regrets or bitterness.

Tell yourself that it was good while it lasted – and yes, that nothing lasts forever.