11 Random things about me



  1. I’ve never seen a rainbow.
  2. When I really like a song, I mean REALLY like it. I will play it on repeat over and over again until I absolutely hate it.
  3. I’ve never played candy crush and have no intention of ever playing it anytime soon.
  4. I have a fetish for perfumes.
  5. I sometimes like to lick melted dark chocolate off my fingers. (of course not in public)
  6. I value genuineness the most in a person.
  7. I someday want to be a successful Youtuber! (though, not even started for it yet)
  8. I love short hair. ( I know, its unusual to hear this from a girl)
  9. I desperately miss Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai.
  10. I haven’t seen Avengers yet! And was under the impression of it being an animated movie for a long time.(Yes, there I said it. No judging plz)
  11. I love collecting dainty jewellery.