Sometimes, all you need is Grey’s Anatomy


So you’re having a bad day? I guess apart from dark chocolate, a good walk and good music grey’s anatomy can help



Bailey’s metaphor

Izzie’s optimism

Cristina’s love for medicine

Preston burke’s stability

When Meredith and Cristina dance it out

When Meredith tells Cristina that Derek is the love of her life but she is her soul mate

When Callie dances in her underwear

When Meredith Builds Derek a candle house

When arizona smiles

When George rambles

When April talks about Jesus

When Alex aka Evil spawn well acts like an evil spawn

When April and Jackson finally end up together

When Lexi and mark die

Their passion towards their career. Surgery is their life, surgery can turn their bad day into a good one.

How each character is so strongly built.

How Meredith and Derek stay together after all that they’ve been through

How you lose a part of you when a character dies in the series

10 seasons seem nothing for a show this good.

The quotes. The lessons. The music . Grey’s has it all!

Grey’s for life!

Shonda Rhimes –Respect is what I have for you.