Change is constant

Last month has been crazy, mainly from what I’ve seen with people around me. Some had to go through hard times while others had the time of their life. But from all that I’ve seen, I’ve got one thing clear.

Whether you’re facing good time or bad right now, it’s all gonna change with time. Time never stays the same. May be your going through a bad phase right now and you don’t get the reason as to why you have to go through so much. But in a while you’ll understand the reason behind it. It all happens in your best interest. It’s just a bad day not a bad life. You never know how your life changes, or how fast it changes or where it takes you. All you should do is be patient, positive and move forward.Cause you never know when something you wanted since a long time may happen, or something you never saw coming would change your world for the best.

Looking at your friends’ life you may feel like they’ve got a perfect happy life but the fact is no one can have a happy life all the time. Each one of us go through hard times. Just in different ways, in fact our own ways. And there is no scope of comparison here. You cannot judge if what you’ve been through is more painful than the other person. Cause as they say, to understand the pain you don’t just step into someone else’s shoes, but you have to walk a mile in them.

So whatever you’re going through. Just remember one thing. Good time or bad time is not going to stay the same forever. It’s a good life!

Happy reading

Have faith in the change!