Back to basics

Remember when you were little and you fantasized about working in a corporate office (probably overseas) with those formal clothes on, having meals at fancy restaurants, having a big gang of friends with whom you go clubbing wearing your nude pumps and returning late night. Yes we all have had (probably partly still have) indulged in similar fantasies.

But the fact is when you’re working 9-6 in a corporate office formally dressed and having 3 course meals, when your feet ache because of the hideous shoes you’ve been dancing in all night at the club with your big gang of friends; all you really want is a Saturday off to wake up late, have a simple home cooked meal with your family and lounge around the whole day with a good book or movie in bed in your most comfortable pair of pajama’s and have an evening walk with a good old friend.

Yes the earlier fantasized story does give us joy. But we come back to the later always. That’s all we really need to be happy. Its only when you have your most coveted lifestyle you start missing the simple pleasures in life.

Sometimes I wonder as to how we human being just can’t be truly happy. Ever. In the end We always come back to the basics. We are never completely content with our present. But I guess that’s how we are made. That’s what keeps us moving forward.

Keep moving forward! Bye!