Inspiration is a word with a million facets,I think. Cause there are like a million ways how a person can be inspired. Reading a book, listening to a song or meeting a person you look upto are not the only ways of being inspired; but when your finding a good wallpaper, when you come across an old couple crossing the street, when you come across a ridiculous billboard, while going through your granny’s vintage stuff, when you wake up to a bright day, when you talk to an old friend after ages inspiration hits you and in the simplest way like when you’re stuck in traffic. One of the most common ones, yes I’m about to say it! *get ready for it*

*hold your horses*




On the Commode

* Yes inspiration does hit you in weirdest places!* (FACT OF LIFE)

And if you’re one of those people who feels that you’re not creative enough to find inspiration or one who doesn’t need inspiration, you’re wrong, absolutely wrong.

All of us get inspired; you just haven’t realized or concentrated on it too much.

Remember times when you come across something and feel happy suddenly or you come across something and feel a lil more alive and full of zest, that’s when you’re inspired

It’s such a great feeling to be inspired. It’s a necessity I feel, something that you need to undertake to remain sane.

No one is ever isolated of inspiration but it can never be forced.



I’m sharing below a few of my inspirations

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