Food , clothing, shelter & Wifi

Do you know something that you can’t see or feel but you need?  Yes its WiFi!


So yes I’m including wifi in our basic needs, and I don’t think many people would disagree. Just imagine your phone without internet connectivity for a day; I guess it wouldn’t seem like a phone anymore.

Although it is funny, it’s a fact today. We live in a connected world and most people feel naked when they don’t have their Smartphone or can’t access a wireless network. So, it appears to have become a pretty basic need!

Internet to locate the closest restaurants, make dinner reservations, book & find accommodations, look up for reviews, read books, listening to songs, pay electricity bills, shop, etc.

Not only is It a social media platform or entertainment but people actually even use the internet for research papers!

For people from all age group from all backgrounds and in all spheres of life make use of the internet these days.