Inspiration is a word with a million facets,I think. Cause there are like a million ways how a person can be inspired. Reading a book, listening to a song or meeting a person… Continue reading


Our Times

  As I was flipping through channels today, came across cartoon network and decided to watch it for a while and I just observed as to how much it has changed over the… Continue reading

Quote of the day

Doodle all the way!

    Nothings better than doodling at the end of a lazy day! Inspiration behind this doodle is my love for my hair! I think they have a mind of their own, cause… Continue reading

Quote of the day!


Back to basics

Remember when you were little and you fantasized about working in a corporate office (probably overseas) with those formal clothes on, having meals at fancy restaurants, having a big gang of friends with… Continue reading

Who doesn’t want this?

Duvet Days!

  According to Wikipedia, a duvet day is a day off from work you take when you’re not sick and don’t have other reasons for staying at home, but just feel like a break.… Continue reading

The story of my DEER

A piece of jewellery doesn’t get into your hands just by paying for it. Just like every other thing we use even jewellery goes through a number of processes. Recently i designed and… Continue reading