The joy in wearing your own creation

Jewellery – cuff ring

Don’t settle for less than what you deserve

  It takes a lot of courage and strength to live your best life. Anything and everything you get in life is never going to be perfect. It is OK to excuse things… Continue reading

Quote of the day

I swear by this


So, my friends and I were hanging out one day when we discovered this amazing place. Actually one of my friends wanted to try a bagel (this happened a year ago actually). So… Continue reading

I’m not an extrovert. But yes that doesn’t make me an introvert either.

Why do we end up labeling people into two categories? Introvert extrovert You may not be the life of the party but you may not be the one sitting all aloof with absolute… Continue reading

Quote of the day

The earth laughs in flowers!

Define: Reading as a hobby

So, I have a question. I was talking to a friend.  Let’s address her as ‘apple’ here. (I don’t like apples, just saying) We were talking about our hobbies and soon reading stepped… Continue reading

Wht hppnd 2 r gud old ‘English Language’?

  XYZ: Hey, Gm         I’l B L8 afta skool 2moro ABC: hey bro, np          C U l8tr den X D   Don’t u think SMS language has totally adulterated English. I’m… Continue reading

Hey there,

So, here I come with my very first blog post…. I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said that I thought of writing a blog yesterday and here I am today, writing my… Continue reading