Don’t settle for less than what you deserve


It takes a lot of courage and strength to live your best life.

Anything and everything you get in life is never going to be perfect. It is OK to excuse things even big things. What really matter is how you are being treated. This doesn’t only apply to a relationship between a man and a woman but at work, at home everywhere.

I don’t mean one should not compromise at all. Compromises are necessary but there are times when you need to stand up for yourself and not accept anything less than what you deserve. Respect yourself enough to know your worth.

It’s easy to put on a red glass when your into someone/something and just overlook at things. And this is not totally wrong. But you should know when to let go and when to stand up for yourself.

You are worthy. Dream big. Take action. Don’t settle.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything or anyone who no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.

This whole post may sound really negative at first but I guess it’s a lesson for life that we all learn over time.

Hope it helps

Happy Reading!