The joy of giving

So when was the last time you did something good for someone not expecting any returns in any form but just that look of happiness on their face? Doing something like this for a totally unknown person is all the more satisfying.

Look around, do you see an old lady standing in a crowded street for the lack of a seat? Get up voluntarily and offer her your seat. Do you see a small child hungry on the street? Offer him your lunch.

Do you see an injured street dog? Take him to the vet where he can be taken care of.

Do you see a blind man selling books? Buy one and help him earn his livelihood.

The immense joy and satisfaction that you gain out of this cannot be compared to any given thing at any point of time. It’s happiness in its purest form This doesn’t cost you anything. But repays you with content.

Remember, good is always coming back to you.