Bollywood ishtyle


So no matter what we call them  ‘masala movie’, ‘maar dhaad’, ‘typical yash raj movie’ , etc

You have to agree that you don’t totally hate bollywood.

I mean come on, I’m sure there will be at least a couple of bollywood movies which you absolutely love or may be parts of certain movies that you like a lot

We like these movies cause somewhere or the other you can connect yourself with them. You feel like you can relate with the character or the situation or may be it reminds you of someone.

They aren’t all totally bad (except for a few!)

Some of my all time favorite bollywood movies are: Break Ke Baad, Love aaj kal, Wake up sid, Rocket singh salesman of the year, and a few more

I’m not ashamed to say; yes I like bollywood movies just as much as I like Hollywood movies.

And I wouldn’t want to choose between the two, cause they are good in their own different ways.